• French macaron with tea-infused chocolate ganache
  • French macaron with fleur d’orange
  • Fingerprint cookies with fresh raspberry jam
  • double chocolate with fresh mint ganache
  • double chocolate with fresh raspberry french buttercream (raspberries courtesy of Kimball Farms!)
  • Persian Love cupcakes
  • Vanilla with raspberry french buttercream or Kiwi Italian buttercream
  • mini flour-less chocolate with a chocolate honey glaze and raspberries
  • chocolate brownie with our homemade carmel inside



  • Double chocolate with mint ganache
  • Flour-less chocolate
  • Persian love cake


  • plain brioche
  • chocolate brioche
  • honeycomb brioche with pine nuts and almonds
  • sweet cheese brioche with raspberry jam
  • English muffins (if you bought last Friday please see me for replacement. The flour mixture was not mixed properly and they weren’t at their best!)
  • cheddar loaf (rolls and loaves)

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