Anyone want to brave the roads next week for pizza, bagels and more?

It feels like everyone is hunkered down waiting for the snow to stop (I know i am), and maybe even melt a little. More snow and ice predicted for Sunday and Monday. Are peeps up to a GF pick up? Here is what i’m thinking, but will decide for sure once i’ve heard back from hungry peeps!

IMG_1034 Pizza (vegan or with fresh mozzarella)






Bagels (vegan)





Sourdough bread (vegan)

Chocolate brownie cookies (DF) (super moist and chewy)

Chocolate chip with pecan (DF)

Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips or plain (DF)

Lemon-olive oil cookies (to give you hope that spring will come eventually!) DF

Small 2 layer cakes with homemade nutella (DF or with buttercream)

Cupcakes of the same ilk.

Give a shout out if you would like to see these things on a menu for next week!


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