I was in the grocery store yesterday,truffle and as i often do when i have the time to leisurely shop for myself, i meandered by the cheese section to check out the sheep’s milk cheeses (my usual choice because no casein and low in lactose sugars.) The girl behind the counter gave me samples of several kinds, but none matched the siren’s call i was hearing from the case. Finally, i pointed to a creamy confection of cheese and said, what’s that? Can i taste it? It was a goat’s milk truffle cheese, and in the first bite, i was in heaven. Wow! Immediately my mouth and brain thought:  french macarons. But what to pair it with?–mushrooms, yes mushrooms but what kind? My eyes went to a tiny bottle of black truffles in oil sitting on top of the counter. I started to reach for them, but the cheese girl stopped me saying they sucked. Okay, she didn’t use the word sucked, but she said they weren’t very good. But fortunately for me, she said, they had a couple fresh black truffles left from Christmas that they were wondering what to do with.  She carefully unwrapped a tiny package hidden behind the counter and i almost swooned from the heavenly smell. I had to have it for those darling macarons I’d already imagined in my mind. Luckily, i got it for a good price.  (Thank you cheese girl–hope to see you at the @Somerville winter farmer’s market this week since one of these macarons has your name on it!) I am in heaven, and I hope you will be too.  On the menu this week: savory macarons with truffle cheese and yes, fresh black truffle. Now, to decide do i make a truffle/cheese creme, a mousse or just grate slivers of truffle on the cheese?  Life is so full of decisions.

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