Our new supply of beautiful Artisan baskets from Ghana!

We got a new shipment this week of baskets, although one part of the order is held up in Customs. We sold half the bike baskets the first day we put them out, so if you’d like one of these but can’t make it in, let us know and we can hold it for you! More (of different styles) coming soon! (As soon as Customs disgorges them!)

Bike basket! #1

Bike basket #2. See the nice leather straps!

basket # 3 black and white.

Bike Basket #4

Bike Basket #5

Bike basket # 6.

Bike Basket #7

Bike Basket #8

A gorgeous basket, an art piece on its own or multi-purpose!

#2 “ten cow” basket. Exquisite workmanship.

#3 “ten cow”. So vibrant!

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Boston Cream Pie fun facts

First, a reminder that we are closed July 2-10th! Second, did you know that Boston Cream Pie is not a pie at all, but rather a cake? So we’ve made a smaller version in a cupcake size. Here is Mallory making them!

Mallory making Boston Cream pie

Vanilla cupcake is cored out and replaced with vanilla cream

Chocolate Italian buttercream is piped on top

Then drizzled with dark chocolate!




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A feel good buy!

Boston peeps, if you are looking for a special gift for yourself or others, please consider buying our newly arrived baskets from Ghana. We are selling these, along with handmade bracelets and hand knitted stuffed animals (from at Violette Bakers.The Revi items go to support Syrian widows in Izmir, Turkey. The Ghana baskets are produced by some of the top basket artisans in that country. Ghana has a GDP that is 126th lowest in the world, making it one of the poorest countries, and one most likely where people will leave to become economic refugees. We are selling the baskets to help support people to stay in their homes, and because they are fabulously beautiful. These are no ordinary baskets, they are works of art. We also have 3 bike baskets for sale!

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Coconut Macaroons for Passover

Chocolate dipped macarons

We will have Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons this week for Passover.

Also suitable for Passover are the following:

  • Orange-Almond cake (made with almond flour) (DF)
  • Flourless chocolate Cake (no flour)
  • Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies (no flour)
  • French Macarons (almond flour)

We use Organic Powdered Sugar (on French Macarons only) which contains Tapioca Starch, NOT corn starch, so its Passover appropriate.

Please note, we are NOT Kosher certified.


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End of season of Pot Pies + Chocolate Chip Specialty Cookie

Stock up on your Pot Pies. We are making them for 2 more weeks (available until Easter week). Then we won’t have them again until next Christmas!

We made an Adult Chocolate Chip cookie this week as a treat. It has dark chocolate chunks, macadamia nuts, orange zest and a hint of Kirsch (French cherry liquor). The Kirsch mainly blends all the flavors and makes all the tastes more vibrant. (No its not because you get drunk eating the cookie — the alcohol bakes off!) Come in and try one (before we eat them all. Lol!)


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Easter Specials

We will have a regular menu Easter Week (week of April 11th) . But these are Easter Specials we are making. Best to pre-order to make sure you get your choice.


  • Bunny Sugar Cookies (vegan) $2.25
  • Chick Sandwich cookie with Chocolate or Lemon filing (DF for chocolate) $2.50
  • French Macarons  (Apricot Cheesecake and Chocolate-Caramel) $2.50


  • Vanilla with Lemon-Lavander French Buttercream $36/$48/$60
  • Chocolate with house “Nutella” Italian Buttercream $36/$48/$60
  • French Apple Cake $18/$28 (Can make DF upon request)
  • Flourless Chocolate cake (DF) $18/$28 (no sugar added version upon request)


  • Mixed Berry Pie  (DF) $25
  • Chocolate Almond Frangipane Tart $7 (DF)


  • Chocolate-Cherry Tea Bread (DF) $11
  • Sourdough w/Olives and Herbs de Provence  (Loaves or baguette) (vegan) $10/$6.5
  • Challah (DF) rolls $3

Please email orders to Thank you!

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We will be closed on Weds, March 8th

As a woman owned and staffed business, we will be closed on Weds, March 8th, International Women’s Day. This is in solidarity with the Woman’s March on Washington, who are asking for a day without women.  We will be open Tuesday and Thursday as normal.  Have a nurturing, spend-free International Women’s  Day!

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Valentine: the Way to a Heart is Thru Our Cookies!

Sugar cookies

We have special Valentine cookies, available Sat, Feb 11 and Tuesday Feb 14. Don’t miss out. Your loved ones will love you! They are as yummy as they look. (Trust me, we tried them all!)

chocolate and raspberry sandwich cookies

Also available is heart shaped ice-cream sandwiches, flourless chocolate cupcakes and cake, and much much more! Come on in.


Flourless Chocolate Cake

We have the Love for Everyone!  Regular, DF and Vegan for both cookies and ice-cream sandwiches. (With Organic strawberry ice-cream, or DF chocolate or Mint Chip. )


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We are OPEN! Rain, sleet or snow.

We will be open today, but with a delayed opening at 1:00. If you are having a snow day, come on in for some hot cocoa, sweet treats or a pizza lunch!

See you later, gators.

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Food to Feed the Soul

We made special things this week, anticipating tomorrow–food to feed the soul and  nourished a sense of happier days. Peach pie and cherry cobbler. Or a delicious (if i say so myself) french macaroon filled with ice cream (Christinas, or DF.) I ate a DF one today, and for awhile felt happy.  So come on down for a cup of  tea and a snack, or we can throw a pizza into the oven for you. Fortify yourself for Sat, which is really the big day that matters. 💕

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