Thanks, pot pies and new market day!

Thanks to everyone who braved the inclement weather to come to the market yesterday. Your patronage (and company) is much appreciated. And thanks to mother nature for holding off the worst of the storm until the market was over! Wasn’t that lightening amazing last night?

Starting next week, Sunday Oct 28, i will be doing the Sunday Harvard Sq (Charles Hotel ) market as well as friday.  Just for four weeks, until the market closes the Sunday before Thanksgiving. I have a new helper, Tim, who has lots of farmer’s market experience, but is new to my product, so be patient with him please! He has been selling honey and working for a second vendor who makes cheese. So desserts are new for him, though he has tried my products many times while working at the same markets  as me. If you are interested in starting your own bee hive in your back yard, talk to him!

I now have gluten free organic ingredients* pot pies. I par-bake and freeze them so they are ready for you to pop in the oven for some warm homemade goodness. Personal size and family sizes available. This week i made two sauces: béchamel and cheddar cheese. The cheese is Cabot and is the only thing not organic in the pies. The veggies i used this week were broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash and yukon gold potatoes. All mixed in a creamy sauce.  And decorated, of course, with either flower cut-outs for the cheese or stars for the béchamel.

*i can’t use the label “organic” because i’m not certified, but all the ingredients i use, except for the cheese, are organic.



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Vegetable pot pies this week

With either cheese sauce or bechamel. The flowers designates the cheese sauce and the bechamel has stars!

Pies contain all organic ingredients and are gluten free,  of course. Veggies include: broccoli, green beans, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potato, yellow potato.

Comes in personal size or family size. The one on the right is a large family size –a 4+ pound pie!



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Making crystalized rose petals for the persian love cake


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Beautiful bread pot by Judy Motzkin made beautiful GF bread!

I bought two new bread pots for making my GF boules. Tonight was the maiden bake. I think the bread turned out well, don’t you? Look for it at this week’s Farmer’s Market at Harvard Sq (Charles Hotel).

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Thinking ahead about cake

Two of next week’s cakes:

  • Double chocolate cake with toasted coconut creme
  • brown butter sweet potato with mascarpone and lavender honey  OR, the arugula, basil and mint creme, which was yummy!



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Sourdough is coming along!!

I’ve finally found time to work on my sourdough starter. I made super yummy sourdough boules in france, but here the starter was sluggish resulting in a too sour loaf. But we are making peace with our new locale. Here is today’s loaf. Maybe i will bake a few to bring to Harvard Sq on Friday. If not this friday, then soon!

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Arugula, basil and mint creme?

Well, yes, i’m experimenting with wild rocket (aka arugula) and creme for cupcakes. Just mixed up a batch. Letting it sit to see how the tastes change as it infuses the creme. Am thinking of paring it with the spice cupcakes (as well as the apple with the spice).

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Inspiring lettuce!!

I’m eating super delicious lettuce from Busa farms. It is so good, it makes me wonder what dessert i can make with it. Stay tuned next week for something fresh and inventive.

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