Update re bakery

The contractor has made good progress this week. He should be done by next Weds. However, there is a lot setting up that needs to be done before i can open. Primarily hanging shelving on walls and assembling tables, baking racks and metro racks.  I have 3 thumbs when it comes to this kind of task and it will undoubtedly take me 10xs longer than a normal person who has these skills. Anyone want to help this weekend to hang shelving and put together racks and tables?  If i have help, maybe i’ll actually be able to open before Thanksgiving and fill people’s Thanksgiving orders.  Sometimes it takes a community.

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Save the Date!

SAVE THE DATE! : Sunday, December 13. The Fireplace Restaurant (Brookline) and Violette Bakers are joining talents to create a special Gluten Free night. We will be converting everything on the The Fireplace menu  (that is not naturally GF), to GF. Imagine going into a nice restaurant and being able to order anything on the menu!  More information about the event to follow.

Double bonus, the event is a fundraiser to raise awareness and funds for the refugee crisis in Europe. All profits from the night will be donated to our fundraiser for the refugees. Want to know more? Check out this citizen’s action group (started my me and others), Americans for Refugees in Crisis (ARC), to learn more about how you can help! Pass it on, please!

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Can anyone help with this?

Ok peeps, anyone out there know a GOOD contractor who can finish the store? Maybe someone who is desperate for good GF food and wants my store to open? Otherwise, frankly i won’t be in by Thanksgiving and maybe not even this year at the snail pace my contractor is going. Its probably going to take about a week or more of solid work to finish. Please PM me or send an email to I know with the building boom everyone is busy, so please if you wouldn’t mind, make sure the person would be willing to get the job done quickly. (I’ve gotten several recommendations, and each time they come out they say 2016). Thank you.

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Job posting

coming soonAs soon as the bakery opens, I will be hiring someone to work very part time hours. 2 hrs at noon Weds-Friday and 5-6 hrs on Sat. Mostly counter work, but some prep if its slow. Must be able to learn to use espresso machine. Must have good people skills. Being GF not essential, but helpful. Mature candidates, minorities and refugees (must have excellent english skills) encouraged to apply. Email me your resume or summary of your work experience and why you want the job to: Thank you.

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Anyone need a dessert?

I made this cake by accident today, when the order was for next sat! It is an extra large chocolate cake, with chocolate ganache between the layers and Kahlua Italian buttercream on the outside.  Normally feeds 16 but it is actually extra tall as well, so should feed 20!  Discounted price of $50. Let me know. Thanks!


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