IMG_1651Did you know I’m actually best known for my delicious, quality ingredient cakes? No butter and powdered sugar sugary frostings for me. I typically use a variety of mostly organic fruits, veggies and herbs in my cooked European buttercream. Sugar is all organic and i use 70% organic chocolate.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

East Cambridge Bank did a secret taste test of cake in the area and found mine to be the best, gluten free or not! And of course, there was Best of What’s New in Boston in 2014 for bakery category.

Here is a cake i made today for a customer who buys lots of cakes from me for family events. She typically gives me a little guidance and then lets me do what i want. I was in the mood to make chocolate strawberries. 🙂 The cake is vanilla, with chocolate ganache between the 3 layers and strawberry buttercream frosting with, of course, the hand dipped strawberries on top!

So think of me the next time you want a special dessert!


Chocolat salted buttercream cake


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