Can you help? We are collecting clothing for 1800 refugees

Me at camp. Child on bike is blind.

Me at camp. Child on bike is blind.

As some of you know, I have been actively involved in the Syrian refugee crisis for the past year. We are sending a SHIPPING CONTAINER of clothing items to the Softex Camp, a camp in Thessaloniki, Greece, were most of my projects are being implemented. My team will meet container and distribute.  We are collecting clothing on a FAMILY BY FAMILY basis. When you “adopt” a tent, you are saying you will provide clothing (gently used or new) for each family member living in that tent. Tent sizes range from 1-9 people.  See flyer here:

Additionally, if you can’t Adopt-A-Tent, I am in need of gently used or new items for Tents I’m providing clothing to. I have size info for all children listed. The children tend to be small and thin so on small size of age group.  If gently used, washed and non-soiled only please. This includes the following:

  • New born clothes. Mom is 8+ months pregnant and has nothing for baby.
  • Nursing bras. Sports bras with removable pads are easiest bc of flexibility of size
  • Clothing for Boys (sneakers, socks, pants, long sleeve t, sweater, jacket):  1) three 4 year boys, 2) One 6 yr boy, 3) One 7 year old boy, 4) One 9 yr boy
  • Clothing for Girls (sneakers, socks, pants, long sleeve t, sweater, jacket): 1) two 10 yr old girls, 2) One 8 yr, 3) One 7 yr, 4) One 4 yr, 5) Two 1 yr old girl babies.

Anyone who Adopts-A-Tent AND mails package to container in Detroit, will get $10 off next purchase at Violette. I am thankful for your help. If need be, i will pack and mail everything myself. We have 1800 people (350 families) to cloth before cold weather sets in. Thank you for helping.

If you are interested in Adopting-A-Tent, please email me at and i will assign you a family. Otherwise, other items listed here can be brought to bakery. If you can help me sort, pack and mail, please let me know. It takes a village, and i certainly need a village to pull this off! Thank you!

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