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What’s Baking (August 28th)


french macaroons


  • with chai-infused chocolate ganache
  • chocolate with mint ganache


  • carrot with cucumber creme
  • coconut with fresh lime creme
  • mini flour-less chocolate with a chocolate honey glaze and raspberries
  • chocolate brownie with our homemade carmel inside



  • Carrot with cucumber creme
  • Flour-less chocolate
  • Persian love cake


  • plain brioche
  • chocolate brioche
  • honeycomb brioche with pine nuts and almonds
  • sweet cheese brioche with clementines
  • English muffins
  • cheddar loaf (rolls and loaves)


  • vegetable pot pie with béchamel sauce (par baked and frozen, ready for you to pop in the oven!)

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What’s Baking (Aug 7th)

What we are baking for this week:


  • violette macarons
  • chocolate chai macarons,
  • flower sugar cookies with coquolicot (red french poppy) glaze,
  • dark chocolate chip cookies

Pies and Cake:

  • chocolate brownie cupcake with salted carmel
  • Strawberry tarts
  • blackberry tarts with mascarpone creme
  • cherry pie


  • feta and dried tomato macaron
  • fresh pesto, tomato and mozzarella macaron


  • brioche (chocolate and plain)
  • cheddar bread (loaf and rolls)
  • sandwich bread



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What’s Baking (July 24th)

My interns and i just finished making the fresh french and Italian buttercreams for the week and can’t wait to taste the raspberry, cherry and apricot cremes on our double dark chocolate cake.

We made the blueberry creme specially for our lemon poppy seed cake, but Diane decided that the yummy lemon creme for the inside paired perfectly with the French raspberry creme, so we shall see what comes out of the kitchen.

Here’s this weeks lineup:

  • Double dark chocolate cake/cupcakes with either raspberry, cherry or apricot creme
  • Lemon poppyseed cake with lemon creme filing and blueberry creme on top.
  • Mint milanos
  • Orange chocolate milanos
  • Lemon sandwich cookies with cream cheese, lavender honey filling
  • Banana, coconut, chocolate chip muffins
  • Orange brioche/ Orange chocolate brioche
  • English muffins
  • Sandwich bread

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