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Busy bees, soon to be busy bakers

We are busily at work getting our new kitchen set up. Fingers crossed that it will be up and running next week.  I will post our first menu of the season soon! I just ate a lovely honey-apricot, so for sure we will have a vanilla cake/cupcake with fresh apricot buttercream on the menu!

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French artisan foods

I am bringing back from France a few artisan foods from this region  (Cevennes/Languadoc Roussillon) to sell at our Pop Up. Come on in and check them out. Things like french mustard w/truffles or with figs, Mediterranean salts infused with local herbs, lovely infused french teas and unusual french coffees, sheep’s milk conserves, Cocoa with french spices, and more! Quantities are very limited, so make sure you stop in once our Pop Up is up and running.

I’m also bringing back a few copies of a french poetry book that won this year one of the most prestigious awards in France for poetry. The book is hand made, using an old fashioned french printing press and original art. The books are signed and numbered by the artists (the poet and the fine artist.) I know the poet and she has entrusted me with two copies of her very limited edition book. So if you love french poetry come check that out as well!

Our first market is May 31st at Copley Sq!


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7 farmer’s market’s starting May 31st

We will be at seven (7) markets this summer, in addition to our pop-up bakery at 1001 Mass Ave in Cambridge (we are in the basement–it’s our temporary home!) Come see us at the markets starting May 31st. We will post an update when the pop up will be ready to visit!

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News and where you can find Violette gluten free

We’ve added two more farmer’s markets to our list: Copley Sq on Fridays and Roslindale Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Roslindale is the oldest, and some say the largest, Farmer’s Market in the Boston region. My very first job when i was 14, by the way,  was working at the large permanent Farmer’s Market in Los Angles. I worked at Clara and Joe’s Bread Bin, so i guess you can say i’ve come full circle.

In addition to our  7 farmer’s markets (Thurs-Sunday), we are also going to launch our pop-up bakery at 1001 Mass Ave in Cambridge, where our new temporary kitchen is located. More on that when we launch, which will be AFTER we get ourselves acclimated to the new market schedule.

You will see new faces at the markets. I will be in the kitchen most of the time, while we have dedicated staff for the markets. Some of our new bakers will also be helping out at the markets a couple days a week. More on our new staff when i can post pictures of them! I think i’ve put together a really great team of food/farmer’s market  lovers.

Lastly, I am leaving for France on Saturday and hope to bring back lots of yummy French delicacies  to use in our baking!

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Where you will find Violette starting June 1st

We will be at several farmer’s markets this summer/fall season. Come see us at one or all! 🙂 Just think, fresh gf bread several times a week! Here are the confirmed ones in order of day of the week:

Kendal Sq.- Thurs  11-2

Dewey Sq. (South Station)  Thurs 11:30- 6:30 (Come visit us please, that’s a long day!)

Harvard Sq. (Charles Hotel) Friday 12-6, Sunday 10-3

Union Sq – Sat 9-1

Waiting to hear:

Davis Sq. Weds 12-6

Copely Sq Friday 11-6

ALSO, we will be moving into a new temporary kitchen on Mass Ave  and customers will be able to stop by the kitchen (if they call first) to pick up orders thurs-sat. Address to be disclosed once we sign the temporary lease. In the meantime, we will continue to negotiate/look for a permanent home.




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Requests for last Somerville winter market and sale on pot pies!

We will be offering pot pies next week for buy one, 50% off second one of equal or less value. For best selection, please preorder. We will not be selling pot pies again until next fall.  We have two DF ones left (med chicken and veg).

Also, please let us know what you’d like to see us bake for the last market. If you are willing to buy a whole batch of something, let us know that too. Most of our baked goods freeze well. Our first market of the summer will be June 1. So that’s 7 weeks you will be sans Violette. Stock up, but also let us know what you want because we are planning on baking lighter than usual!



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We made the last batch of pot pies today of the season

Come on down to the Somerville Winter market to get your last pot pies of the season. Veg, Veg & Chicken and dairy free of both. DF is in VERY limited supply, so best to pre-order if you really want DF. Pot pies won’t be back on our menu again until next fall, so stock up!  Our pot pies are filled with broccoli, green beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, a creamy béchamel sauce, and if chicken a mixture of breast and thigh meat, plus spices. All vegetables and the chicken are organic!

We also have a few lasagnas left. Lasagna also won’t be back on our menu again until the fall. Both the lasagna and the pot pies freeze well.

And don’t forget, this week we have Easter breakfast quiche with asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, goat cheese and sheep’s feta. The base is dairy free!  (Almond milk –sorry those of you allergic to nuts!)




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Gluten free lamb pie for Easter?

Lamb pie is a tradition at Easter in many parts of the world (including France and England) so we thought we’d offer up a gluten free version.  Please let us know by Monday evening   (that’s tomorrow folks) if you’d like to order a pie or two for your Easter celebration. Sorry for the short notice, but it is a last minute Easter inspiration.  If we don’t get pre-orders, we won’t make them, since we’d be making them specifically for the holiday.

The pies (should we make them) will be made fresh this week and then immediately frozen and ready for you to pop into your oven.

Pick up @Somerville Winter Market or you can pick them up at our kitchen thursday or friday if you need them before then.


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french macarons for Passover

I know that people usually eat the two “o” type of macaroons for passover 🙂 , but I believe our french macarons are passover safe as well. They are made with egg whites, almond flour and sugar, and then the filing which has no leavening or flour.   This week we have fig (dairy free), chocolate-caramel, caramel apple, and for savory we have a soft blue cheese with walnuts and raisins.

Also this week we made a nut-less french macaroon. I thought perhaps i’d ruined the italian meringue (it looked a little flat) and not wanting to ruin the expensive almond flour, i made a new batch.  I decided to see if i could make meringue shells with the “failed” meringue, so i folded in some cocoa and chocolate chips and piped out funny shapes and baked them. And guess what, they had “feet” just like a french macaron! Which means 1) that the meringue wasn’t failed, and 2) that the feet come solely from the meringue and not at all from the almond flour. Interesting. Because i made them too big to sandwich and fill, we  are going to dip their feet in dark chocolate (or maybe the chocolate salted caramel) and bring them to the market. We ate quite a few this afternoon in the kitchen and they were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside just like a french macaron.  Come on down to the Somerville winter market and try a leesteffy macaron!

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Lasagna week, next week!

Don’t forget, we will not be at the market tomorrow, but the good news is, we will be making lasagna (reg and meat) next week! If you want a low lactose option (bechamel made with almond milk, and sheep’s and buffalo cheese, please let me know by noon on Tues.  I am making the low lactose option only by special order.

See you all next week!


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