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Two more soups in the gluten free savory line up at Somerville

We’ve been busy making soup today. Finished a gluten free, dairy free, almost vegan (it has honey) cream of butternut squash with fresh ginger. It has a tiny bit of a kick (spice-wise) and is a recipe i’ve been making for 30 years!

We also made a French farmhouse style cream of potato leek soup. It is not dairy free–it has real cream in it, but only as an addition, not as the base. I make it in France all the time.

All soups are fresh frozen (makes it easier for transport and then you can eat it when you want!)

The croutons we are making tomorrow will have Romano cheese in them. For those of you sensitive to lactose, Romano is one of the “safe” cheeses.

We are bringing 9″ fresh quiches, but they are going fast in pre-orders so if you really want one come to the market early or pre-order.

And last in the savory line-up we will have a mushroom onion brioche–the small size like the little ones we do with sweet cheese and conserves.

Come on down and visit us in the hallway. ūüôā



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Gluten free, dairy free and vegan, organic, local creme of root vegetable soup!

BAvv1t-CAAIcYN6.jpg-largeCan’t get more healthy then our tasty root vegetable soup. We use organic almond milk, organic olive oil and our house blend of flour as the creme base. Add to that a simmering pot of organic root vegetables with fresh herbs and spices and voila! Yum soup. And its a pretty color too. We will also be making homemade croutons to go with this soup or to toss on your salad at home. Limited supply. Get it while it lasts!

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Black truffle heaven

I was in the grocery store yesterday,truffle and as i often do when i have the time to leisurely shop for myself, i meandered by the cheese section to check out the sheep’s milk cheeses (my usual choice because no casein and low in lactose sugars.) The girl behind the counter gave me samples of several kinds, but none matched the siren’s call i was hearing from the case. Finally, i pointed to a creamy confection of cheese and said, what’s that? Can i taste it? It was a goat’s milk truffle cheese, and in the first bite, i was in heaven. Wow! Immediately my mouth and brain thought: ¬†french macarons. But what to pair it with?–mushrooms, yes mushrooms but what kind? My eyes went to a tiny bottle of black truffles in oil sitting on top of the counter. I started to reach for them, but the cheese girl stopped me saying they sucked. Okay, she didn’t use the word sucked, but she said they weren’t very good. But fortunately for me, she said, they had a couple fresh black truffles left from Christmas that they were wondering what to do with. ¬†She carefully unwrapped a tiny package hidden behind the counter and i almost swooned from the heavenly smell. I had to have it for those darling macarons I’d already imagined in my mind. Luckily, i got it for a good price. ¬†(Thank you cheese girl–hope to see you at the @Somerville winter farmer’s market this week since one of these macarons has your name on it!) I am in heaven, and I hope you will be too. ¬†On the menu this week: savory macarons with truffle cheese and yes, fresh black truffle. Now, to decide do i make a truffle/cheese creme, a mousse or just grate slivers of truffle on the cheese? ¬†Life is so full of decisions.

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Our pot pies are back!

Come on down to the Somerville Winter Farmer’s market to get our own artisan, 99% organic, gluten free pot pies. We have vegetable, veg & cheese, and veg & chicken. Frozen and ready for you to pop into the oven. The family size (medium and large) are gone (preordered) but we have ¬†personal sized one’s still available. Perfect for a cold winter’s lunch or dinner. ¬†Limited supply.

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Our table at the Somerville Winter market

Our offering for Saturday, Dec 29th. If you missed it, no worries, we always have something enticing at our table!



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Quince paste and Brebirousse d’Argental cheese

Some tastes are so good that you feel a moment of perfection–heaven-like if you will.¬†It’s like that for me with quince paste and brebirousse d’Argental (a soft brie like cheese made ¬†with sheeps milk.) I paired the two for christmas and eating them together made me instantly happy. Oh, if only we can be so happy and gratified all the time.

The quince paste was produced in a monastery in the Gard region of¬†france. In French cuisine,¬†quince paste or¬†P√Ęte de coing¬†is part of the Provence Christmas traditions and part of the “thirteen desserts” which are the traditional dessert foods used in celebrating Christmas. I bought it from the market in Uzes when i was there in early December, anticipating that i’d use it

with a soft ripe sheep’s cheese in our french macarons. I choose sheep’s cheese because many with gluten intolerance also have issues with dairy. Sheep’s milk, being extremely low in lactase, makes the most easily digestible cheese (next to Yak milk, so i’ve heard!) And it is so tasty. I myself eat mostly sheep’s cheese and yogurt.¬†¬†The cheese we are using is ¬†from the Lyon region, but bought in the USA. (I probably couldn’t have gotten the cheese past the airport dogs!)

Come on down to the Somerville Winter market this saturday and try our french macarons with quince and sheep’s milk. In addition to this savory, we will have three sweet filings as will. Try all four! A happy way to start your New Year!


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Looking for something delicious for New Years? Sneak preview of next week’s menu

We are still working on next week’s menu, but here are a few things we’ve decided to make:

For cookies so far we’ve decided on two french macaroons: one with¬†fresh quince paste and cheese, and secondly with a Cassis ganache. Both the quince and the cassis are from a local monastery near Leesteffy’s house in France. And of course, our Cassis macarons ¬†will not be as bright a purple as this picture. Did you know that bright colored macaron shells are colored with chemical dyes? We use only natural fruit and vegetable based coloring, that’s why ours are so pale. Lots of times we leave them natural color because we think they are pretty that way too.

We are trying to decide what to make with our homemade marzipan! Italian Pinoli (pine nut) cookies this week, but hmm, what should we make next week?

Double chocolate brownies with homemade elderberry marshmallows will also be on the menu. The elderberry infusion is also from said monastery.

For cakes, so far we’ve decided on a lemon poppy cake made with meyer lemons and filled with a meyer lemon creme and toped with lemon-rose french buttercream. We are also making a double dark chocolate cake with tahitian vanilla bean Italian buttercream drizzled with a reduced champagne syrup. And a triple chocolate mousse cake!

More as the menu unfolds! Preorders are welcome.


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Holiday Farmer’s market at the Charles Hotel–Dec 23

The Charles Hotel Farmer’s Market vendors will be holding a special Christmas/Holiday market on December 23rd from 10-3. Come on down and get some last minute holiday treats. Violette will be selling tins of gluten free christmas cookies from around the world, as well as an assortment of ¬†cakes, breads and other treats. Stop by and pick up some special stocking stuffer treats!.

All the vendors are excited to return for this special day and we hope to see you there (weather dependent–heavy snow or ice might result in cancellation, as it will be outside.)

We will be accepting special orders for delivery on this day.


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Gluten free cooking is becoming more upscale!

Good article in the NYTimes. I agree with¬†¬†Aran Goyoaga who didn’t even want to put “gluten free” on her book. Haven’t seen her cookbook yet, but plan to look at it now that it got such rave reviews. The problem with putting gluten free on the cover is that with all the bad press gluten free food has gotten over the years, putting gluten free on the cover will make everyone else pass the book by. ¬†But why should they if it is just good cooking? I’m gluten free but the majority of our customers are not–they just like our baked goods.

Here’s the article:¬†¬† ¬†Thanks Matt for passing it on!


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More deliciousness getting packed into my bags!

For our lactose intolerant suffers, we are bringing back some wonderful Confiture de lait de brebis. . . its kind of like a cross between a ganache and an only mildly sweet caramel made from ¬†sheep’s milk. I’m bring back 7 flavors!

I confess, i happily tried all the samples they were willing to give and walked  out of the store with a big bag of goodies. And then of course, there is the truffle oil and truffle salt, not to mention other salty combos.  And lastly, but not least, my favorite lavender honey!

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