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Boston Cream Pie fun facts

First, a reminder that we are closed July 2-10th! Second, did you know that Boston Cream Pie is not a pie at all, but rather a cake? So we’ve made a smaller version in a cupcake size. Here is Mallory making them!

Mallory making Boston Cream pie

Vanilla cupcake is cored out and replaced with vanilla cream

Chocolate Italian buttercream is piped on top

Then drizzled with dark chocolate!




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Thanksgiving orders (Sorry this isn’t a recipe, putting it here so it doesn’t disappear!)

IMG_0750When I was a kid it seemed that holidays progressed in an orderly fashion — finish one holiday before advertising for the next. So I was planning to wait until after Halloween to post the Thanksgiving menu. But so many have asked, that i’m publishing now.

The store will be open before Thanksgiving. IMG_0745I’ll take pre-orders until Nov 18th. There will be extras of everything available Thanksgiving week on a first come, first serve basis–no reserving after the 18th.  There will be other items available that week, but this is the list of pre-order items. The store will be open Monday-Weds  Thanksgiving week (though normally closed Monday and Tues.) When ordering, please specify the day you wish to pick up.  (DF) = Dairy Free, Vegan = no dairy, no eggs.


  • Pumpkin
  • Chocolate Pecan (DF)
  • Mixed Berry with Crumb topping (DF)


  • French Apple
  • Pumpkin Bundt (DF)

Tea Breads:

  • Pumpkin (DF)
  • Cranberry pecan (DF)


  • Challah rolls (DF)
  • Sourdough rolls (Vegan)

Orders should be sent to Please include your phone number on your order and day you wish to pick up. 

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Coming Soon!

Given my own health issues (Celiac, Hashimoto’s, chronic SIBO, chronic Hypochlorhydria), I make everything from scratch, including soy-free margarine and DF/soy-free cheese, Df ice cream and so on. I will be sharing healthy, delicious recipes here on the Recipes! blog

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