Changes in this week’s menu, and super yummy alert!

As you know, we like to be a little creative in the kitchen, so we made a few changes to the menu.

1. The chocolate orange macaroons are now chocolate clementine. We made the ganache today. Yum.

2. This isn’t a change, but fyi, the nut tarts are extra super yummy. So yummy that we ate quite a lot of the caramelized nuts in the kitchen tonight (we made them this evening!) and decided we needed to change the name of the bakery to Three Little Pigs!

3. Regarding whole frosted cakes, we will have chocolate on chocolate and peanut butter on chocolate. There will still be the vanilla french buttercream on the cupcakes. But I haven’t made my peanut butter (cream cheese) frosting in a long time and decided this was the week!

4. We’ll be making our orange almond cake in two additional flavors this week: clementine almond and orange-chocolate almond. Limited supply of all three!

Wish us luck getting everything baked tomorrow! If we look bleary-eyed at the market on Sat, you’ll know why.


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