Violette Bakers and owner, Leesteffy Jenkins, are fully committed to giving back to vulnerable (human and animal) communities. The bakery supports the following charities:  Americans for Refugees in Crisis (ARC) (Donates and participates in various refugee causes), Soi Dog Foundation (Thailand, helps companion animals and works to stop trade in dog meat), Cambridge Housing Assistance Fund (CHAFund)


Leesteffy was been to refugee camps 4 times in the past year. Currently ARC is doing a bike drive to send 500 bikes to Syrian refugees living in Turkey. ARC is also supporting 15 families housing, and assisting them to develop micro-enterprises as a way toward self sufficiency. For more information about ARC and how you can help, click here.


We love animals of all sorts. We give a monthly pledge to Soi Dog Foundation, to help it stop trade in dog meat. We have also supported Maple Farm Sanctuary, here in MA, by donating a week at a house in France, for their silent auction.


This year (2017) we are donating a week at the house in France (Leesteffy gets to donate one week a year to a charity silent auction!) will go to aid the homeless here in MA. CHAFund is having a silent auction in November and a week at Les Lis, the house in France, will be part of the auction!

Micro-enterprises for the Poor:

In addition to helping refugees start micro-enterprises, Violette Bakers will be selling hand made Bolga” baskets from Ghana. While there are many Bolga baskets on the market, we believe these are special. The weavers are not employed, rather they weave baskets and sell them to a company that is organized like a cooperative at a fair price, given their beauty and craft.  Baba Tree  in turns sells them retail and wholesale. We don’t have a lot of room in our tiny bakery(!) but we will be hanging them from the beams and fitting them on shelving. We believe it is important to support the most vulnerable in the world, so that they don’t become refugees. And they are so lovely we fell in love with them!

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