Violette Bakers and owner, Leesteffy Jenkins, are fully committed to giving back to vulnerable (human and animal) communities. The bakery supports the following charities:  Americans for Refugees in Crisis (Donates and participates in various refugee causes), Soi Dog Foundation (Thailand, helps companion animals and works to stop trade in dog meat), Maple Farm Sanctuary (Local MA animal sanctuary).


Leesteffy was recently in Gevgelija, Macedonia working at a refugee camp. To read more about her daily experiences, click on links below. (First link has just her daily posts while at camp. Second link has more information about refugees). Please note, the ARC web is under construction. Someone is volunteering their time to build it, so its taken a little longer than we hoped to launch, but we’ve moved completion to the front burner, so to speak. Right now it re-routes to our Generosity crowdfunding page.

Leesteffy’s ARC Facebook page

ARC Facebook group

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