Wow, i can’t believe Christmas is upon us so quickly. Next week we will have the same assortment of Christmas Cookies and bars, and in addition, the following items for pre-order:

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie (#1 favorite at Thanksgiving) $25 (filing is DF)
  • Bouche Noel $50
  • Meyer Lemon Tartlets with sugared cranberries $7
  • Cranberry-Meyer Lemon Buckle (cross between upside down cake and cobbler)$18/$28 (DF)
  • Mixed berry Pie $25 (filing is vegan)
  • Chocolate or Vanilla Coconut Divinity Cake $36-60
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake (DF) $18/$28
  • Family Size Chicken & Veg or Veg Pot pies $25/$30
  • Challah twists or rolls (DF) $10/$3
  • Sourdough baguette (vegan) $6.50

Please order by Monday, December 19th! Thank you! In store or at

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