Everything in this menu is Dairy Free, and most things are VEGAN. Please get me your orders by Tues Feb 3 @ 5:00pm. Thanks! Pick up is Friday Feb 6 after 3 and sat Feb 7th before 11 am.

Mixed Berry Crumb Bar

Mixed Berry Crumb Bar

Mixed Berry Crumb bars (Vegan) $4.25

Vegan cupcake

Vegan cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake with Orange-Chocolate Ganache (Vegan) (also available in cake size) $3.75

Cakerons! (chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, french macaron shell and chocolate glaze) (DF) $3.75

Blueberry-lemon Tea Bread ($11)

English Muffins $4 (pack of 3) (Vegan)

Vegan pizza

Bagels $2.75 each (poppy, sesame, everything) (Vegan)

Pizza $18 (10″ specify Violette vegan cheese or mozzarella, homemade spicy red sauce or fresh cherry tomato. Comes with black olives, mushrooms, and sautéed onions. Please specify if you want anything omitted.)  COMES PAR BAKED and Frozen. (All is Vegan except mozzarella)


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