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IMG_1627In case you are wondering about the sourdough with caraway, it comes in a round loaf.  A french baker told me awhile ago that if you let sourdough (called levan in France) rise slowly over a few days, it stays fresher longer.  Sourdough has little or no fat to keep it moist, and as you know if you’ve been to France or Italy, the bread usually goes stale after about a day.  Unless you give IMG_1623it a long slow rise. Which I did last week with great success. Today, 4 days after baking the loaf of olive sundried-tomato bread, i ate the last piece untoasted.  I could press on inside and it left an indent from my finger (showing that it still had moisture.) My sourdough is GF/vegan. I use a tiny bit of EVOO.  Here is what the round loaf looks like.  It is crusty on the outside, until you wrap it in plastic. The first two days I left it in a paper bag to keep the crustiness.

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