I know that people usually eat the two “o” type of macaroons for passover 🙂 , but I believe our french macarons are passover safe as well. They are made with egg whites, almond flour and sugar, and then the filing which has no leavening or flour.   This week we have fig (dairy free), chocolate-caramel, caramel apple, and for savory we have a soft blue cheese with walnuts and raisins.

Also this week we made a nut-less french macaroon. I thought perhaps i’d ruined the italian meringue (it looked a little flat) and not wanting to ruin the expensive almond flour, i made a new batch.  I decided to see if i could make meringue shells with the “failed” meringue, so i folded in some cocoa and chocolate chips and piped out funny shapes and baked them. And guess what, they had “feet” just like a french macaron! Which means 1) that the meringue wasn’t failed, and 2) that the feet come solely from the meringue and not at all from the almond flour. Interesting. Because i made them too big to sandwich and fill, we  are going to dip their feet in dark chocolate (or maybe the chocolate salted caramel) and bring them to the market. We ate quite a few this afternoon in the kitchen and they were crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside just like a french macaron.  Come on down to the Somerville winter market and try a leesteffy macaron!

2 Responses to french macarons for Passover

  1. dastinvanrijn@yahoo.com' Michele and Aimee says:

    Lee – wish we could try yours! Been eing French masons at the moment and they re quite yummy.

    • leesteffy says:

      I hope you aren’t being a “mason”, but rather, are eating french macarons! 🙂 Once i book my airline ticket, we can talk about what Aimee wants for her bat mitzvah, including french macarons! Have you tried Helmut’s yet?


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