Get your order in! Deadline is tomorrow noon & bagel news

Don’t miss out, get your order in by noon on Monday.

Everyone keeps asking me about bagels. My testers have all given them big thumbs up. But they are complicated to make.  At the moment i can only do small batches, particularly if i have other things to bake, and so this week i’m limiting bagel orders to those who otherwise have an order in.  If you want to add a small quantity of bagels to your order let me know.  I’m eating one now, and they are pretty good if i do say so myself. 🙂

If i can locate my large bag of poppy seeds i’ll do Sesame, Sea Salt, and Sesame/Sea Salt/Poppy.  Let me know your preference.

When i’m not baking other things, i’ll do a larger run of just bagels. . . but not this week. Sorry to disappoint!


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