Exciting news, our three flavors of European gf pasta are arriving today: black rice (turns deep purple upon cooking), pumpkin-ginger, and buckwheat-sweet potato. Come get it while it lasts! (FYI, our stuffing sold out in a week!) We have bought an initial limited supply (2 doz of each) to see what the demand is. It is super yummy (much better in my humble opinion than the dried GF pasta made in the USA.) Come in and get some before i eat it all–haha, seriously, i love the stuff. Each package comes portioned in 3-4 individual portions to help keep you from pigging out. Good thing. 🙂 We are selling it for $4.25 a package

Also, we are pretty much out of stuffing and if you were really counting on getting stuffing, please let us know TODAY. We are whipping up a very small batch to make sure we have enough for all the orders already made.

One Response to GF dried Pasta arriving today! Stuffing about sold out!

  1. weetiger3@hotmail.com' S. A. Young says:

    I’m definitely coming in to pick up some pasta! The flavors sound yummy. I’ll probably send some to a friend as well. Thank you for letting us know!


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