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We have more flowers in Stock!!

Sadly, half the order is stuck in US Customs, but we have the dahlias at least! Come and get them, or email me if you want me to put some aside for you. They are $8 each (smaller ones $6) and 100% goes back to the maker! She was overjoyed that her last batch sold in a week! We also have some Christmas decorations made by another Syrian refugee widow. Lets make this happen again.


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Thank You Everyone who helped with Christmas for the Homeless Families!

Thanks to everyone who helped us with the Christmas drive for the 5 families living in a local battered women’s shelter! I am happy to say that thanks to the immense generosity of so many, we are able to give everyone–kids and moms–their entire Wish Lists! Special thanks to Emily Greenstein who in addition to sponsoring a family, did a beautiful job of wrapping all the presents. Everything will be delivered along with a box of baked goods for each family on Friday. In addition to the presents, each person is receiving gift cards to their favorite stores, a gift card to the local movie theatre (so the kids can see a Christmas movie over the break) and the kids will all get a Christmas stocking filled with small age appropriate gifts like crayons, a coloring book, a book, street chalk, stuffed animals, bubbles, candy (and more mature gifts for the older kids) and of course, the traditional (organic) orange and candy canes. Joy! #ittakesavillage #wearethatvillage

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Last day to pre-order for Thanksgiving!

If you haven’t sent your order in (and gotten a response from us), and you plan to order, please do so TODAY. Yesterday was the deadline. Lol. PLEASE INCLUDE DAY OF PICK UP (MONDAY-WEDS) AND PHONE NUMBER. We will be incredibly busy next week and if you want your first choice guaranteed, we need your order, today. We will have pies, cakes and so on available for walk ins next week, but we can’t guarantee flavor choices after today. Also, we will not have any bread for walk ins on Weds for sure!

Click here for the Thanksgiving Menu.

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