Just opened the vanilla i’ve been brewing for the last year!

It is super yummy smelling –the best  vanilla i’ve ever smelled. Can’t wait to use it! Its in the Porto bottle just because i needed something dark to store it in. I made it, of course, with gluten free (potato) vodka. I also made some vanilla white rum. Smells good too! I admit, i don’t want to come home, but at least i’ve been collecting yummy things for baking. Yesterday we bought several bags of tea that smell incredible. I intend to make some macaroons with chocolate ganache

infused with tea de Noel a Paris! Maybe some milano cookies as well. Tomorrow and Sat i will head to two of my favorite outdoor markets to buy goodies. Then next week, there is the christmas market in Montpellier. I packed light so i could load up foodstuffs to take home.

Bought a collection of Brebis (sheep) cheese as well. Had some tonight that was similar to Camembert in my omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and smoked trout. So simple, so good. Bread is baking in the oven right now, and i am happy.

If we don’t have a market to sell at (Somerville still has not reinstated our every week status, and without a busy market to go to each week we can’t bake), maybe i’ll just come back and bake for the markets here!

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