I’ll be baking this week and next. And then a few specialty items for Easter and Passover. Everything on menu freezes well. Please stock up as i am taking a several week hiatus thereafter until late April. So this is the last week, for instance, for BAGELS.  Orders due by TUES at NOON.  Send to: cupcakes@violettegf.com


Lemon Olive Oil cookies

Lemon Olive Oil cookies

Cookies: $2 (all DF)

  • Lemon-olive oil (lemony, chewy, delicate)
  • Peanut butter dipped in chocolate (0r plain)
  • Oatmeal cranberry or oatmeal chocolate chip



Cake pop Truffles

Cake pop Truffles


  • Cake pop (chocolate)/ Truffle $3 (DF) Freeze well, perfect for Easter and  Passover
  • Chocolatey Brownie-like cupcake with salted caramel center and double dipped chocolate glaze. $3.75
  • Chocolatey Brownie-like cupcake with peanut butter center and double dipped chocolate glaze. $3.75 (DF)
  • Chocolate cupcakes with either salted caramel  or fresh orange buttercream $3.75
  • Cakes of the same,  (sm, med, lg or extra sm 2 layer cake.)

Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Mixed Berry Crumb bar $4.25 (Vegan)
  • Apple Spice  Tea Bread  $11 (DF)
  • Apple -Cran Spice Tea Bread $11 (DF)


  • Brioche rolls  $3 each

    Brioche Roll

    Brioche Roll

  • Bagels (poppy, sesame, everything) Vegan $2.75 each


  • Spinach & Cheese Empanadas $7 (Stock up! They freeze well and i don’t make them that often!) Specify if you want them baked off or not. If baked and frozen you can heat in microwave. I personally like them best cooked fresh in YOUR oven.
GF Cake pops (They taste like chocolate truffles!)

GF Cake pops (They taste like chocolate truffles!)

ORDERS DUE BY TUES AT NOON. EMAIL ORDER TO cupcakes@violettegf.com. Pick up: Thurs after 5:00, Friday after 3:00, sat 9:30-11 am.  

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