Looking for something delicious for New Years? Sneak preview of next week’s menu

We are still working on next week’s menu, but here are a few things we’ve decided to make:

For cookies so far we’ve decided on two french macaroons: one with fresh quince paste and cheese, and secondly with a Cassis ganache. Both the quince and the cassis are from a local monastery near Leesteffy’s house in France. And of course, our Cassis macarons  will not be as bright a purple as this picture. Did you know that bright colored macaron shells are colored with chemical dyes? We use only natural fruit and vegetable based coloring, that’s why ours are so pale. Lots of times we leave them natural color because we think they are pretty that way too.

We are trying to decide what to make with our homemade marzipan! Italian Pinoli (pine nut) cookies this week, but hmm, what should we make next week?

Double chocolate brownies with homemade elderberry marshmallows will also be on the menu. The elderberry infusion is also from said monastery.

For cakes, so far we’ve decided on a lemon poppy cake made with meyer lemons and filled with a meyer lemon creme and toped with lemon-rose french buttercream. We are also making a double dark chocolate cake with tahitian vanilla bean Italian buttercream drizzled with a reduced champagne syrup. And a triple chocolate mousse cake!

More as the menu unfolds! Preorders are welcome.


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