The weather gods have spoken and they say lots of snow. For those of you ordering or wanting the lasagna, you can pick it up in Harvard Sq today during the day or tonight or tomorrow in Porter Sq if you email, text or call to let us know (see web for contact details.)  You can also pick up pot pies at that time, but again you must let us know (we don’t keep things in both places so there is some transferring that has to be done!)

Also, we will  be making our Valentine’s cookies Weds morning  for pick up on Weds, Feb 13th at our kitchen in Harvard Sq during the day, or that night in Porter Sq. BY PRE ORDER ONLY. Please preorder by Monday night. If you already placed an order for cookies for this weekend, no need to preorder again, but if you don’t want to pick up on Weds, please let us know! We are making only the number of cookies that are pre-orderd and then otherwise will make them again later in the week for the saturday market.

Here is our list of Valentine cookies:


  • zimerstern (German almond paste cookies)  heart shaped
  • milanos (chocolate, chocolate-clementine, chocolate mint) heart shaped cutout
  • sugar cookies with Peppermint sugar coating  (heart shaped of course!)
  • french macarons (rose, salted butter caramel, infinitely chocolate with bitter chocolate and fleur de sel chocolate chips, sheep’s brie and quince paste.)

If you were counting on us for your sweets for your Sweet, we will also make our Flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut liquor and bittersweet glaze and our banana nut bread with chocolate chips by PRE ORDER ONLY for pick up on Weds as well. Same pre-order deadline as above.

Enjoy the snow, and the quiet time a storm always brings. It’s nature’s way of telling us to relax. 🙂

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