Everyday i’m getting requests from people to bake something. (Sorry, i can’t bake one-sies!–for one thing its not cost efficient and secondly the wastage of left over ingredients is too high.) But, as i mentioned to some of you, during this interim, i am available to come to your house to bake as a personal chef. You’d decide what you want –sweets and savories, and i’ll make and we can stock up your freezer as well. (I would bring my mixer, pans, etc.) To make it cost effective for you, i recommend teaming up with others so that you can split the costs for time and ingredients. For instance, it doesn’t take me much longer to make 2, 3 or 4 quiche than it does one. Or 5 packs of english muffins vs 20 packs. So if you have 2-3 people who decide together a menu they want, i can come to one house to make and you will split the costs of my time and ingredient costs. If you are interested in sharing the cost with others, please go to our Facebook Page and leave a comment so others know. Or if you don’t do Facebook, let me know and i’ll pass your name along to any group that may form.

If you want my private services (for you alone), please email me. Thanks!

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