I will no longer be selling at Darwins , including the bread they use for sandwiches. It was a short marriage, but as I started spending more time there I came to realize that the store was simply too busy to truly accommodate the needs of carrying Gluten Free products. They don’t have the space during peek hours to have a truly dedicated area for Gluten Free, other than perhaps a tiny space for a couple cookie items. No one on the staff has a gluten allergy, and they haven’t been trained to really appreciate the mindset that is necessary when dealing with health based allergies. I spoke with the owner about these issues, but the reality is that owner doesn’t manage that store, and that store is making so much money he doesn’t want to mess with things. Why change something that isn’t broken, is his attitude.

I think the concept of sharing can work in a less frantic, more owner involved place. So I’m continuing to look. In the meantime, I will continue to bake to order.

Thanks for your patience, and for understanding.

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