Caroleen was asked one day a few weeks ago by an older woman if we make cakes the “real” way. When Caroleen asked what is the “real” way, the woman said with yeast. Being inquisitive, we both decided we wanted to try a cake made with yeast. We decided we’d go to the cookbook library to research old recipes. Although we haven’t done that yet (we still will, i promise) i have run across a yeasted cake recipe that we plan to try this week. So stay tuned!

Here is a little cake lore: Yeast was used regularly to make cakes rise until the late 1800s / early 1900s. The development of mechanical baking equipment (ie beaters), cooking boxes (known to us as ovens) and baking powder (a chemical construction) made yeast no longer a necessary component in cakes.  Have we lost something in the exchange? We don’t know, but we will do an experiment to see!

Also. . . maybe, maybe, maybe (that means really maybe) up this week might be donuts! I’ve had a hankering to make them, but would have to make them at the very last minute before the market. Since i already start my bread baking day at 3 am and normally i’m baking bread to the very last minute before we have to dash out the door, I don’t know if i can pull off donuts. If not, when we open our bakery we will do donuts, cinnamon rolls and fresh bagels, i promise. To me, these things are best when fresh from the oven. They are more of an eat now kind of thing (okay, maybe the bagels are an eat later item, but at the moment, i don’t have time in the early morning to make them!)

Stay tuned!


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