News and where you can find Violette gluten free

We’ve added two more farmer’s markets to our list: Copley Sq on Fridays and Roslindale Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings. Roslindale is the oldest, and some say the largest, Farmer’s Market in the Boston region. My very first job when i was 14, by the way,  was working at the large permanent Farmer’s Market in Los Angles. I worked at Clara and Joe’s Bread Bin, so i guess you can say i’ve come full circle.

In addition to our  7 farmer’s markets (Thurs-Sunday), we are also going to launch our pop-up bakery at 1001 Mass Ave in Cambridge, where our new temporary kitchen is located. More on that when we launch, which will be AFTER we get ourselves acclimated to the new market schedule.

You will see new faces at the markets. I will be in the kitchen most of the time, while we have dedicated staff for the markets. Some of our new bakers will also be helping out at the markets a couple days a week. More on our new staff when i can post pictures of them! I think i’ve put together a really great team of food/farmer’s market  lovers.

Lastly, I am leaving for France on Saturday and hope to bring back lots of yummy French delicacies  to use in our baking!

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