GF sourdough baguettes

GF sourdough baguettes

Don’t forget orders are due by tomorrow!

I’ve been making these crusty loaves of sourdough and i researched how to keep them fresh AND crusty. As it turns out, the best way to keep bread fresh is in a bread box. I’m kicking myself,  because i’ve always used a bread box until i moved into a small apt and had no room. So i started putting my bread in the fridge. Which apparently, is the fastest way to stale bread. Short of a bread box (or freezing), you should leave crusty breads in a paper sack on your counter or in a drawer, and soft breads (like Challah) in a plastic bag in the same place.

One caveat of this is that GF flours mold FASTER than wheat, so you can’t leave it out in a warm, moist kitchen because it will mold faster than other breads (which it will do anyway, but will be even faster in a warm, moist environment.)  So find a cool, dry place to store your breads (like a bread box). My old one i got at Target for under $30. It had a metal roll top and wood bottom. My friend i gave it to says it works FAB. Actually i know that because whenever i visit her i use that bread box and my bread does last longer. But i thought it was because she lived in a hot dry place, and her kitchen is on the colder side.  But it is also, actually the box — that’s why they invented bread boxes, I guess.

Anyway, the moral of this story is the fridge is the fastest place to stale bread.  Who knew?  And don’t forget to get your orders in!

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