Our new supply of beautiful Artisan baskets from Ghana!

We got a new shipment this week of baskets, although one part of the order is held up in Customs. We sold half the bike baskets the first day we put them out, so if you’d like one of these but can’t make it in, let us know and we can hold it for you! More (of different styles) coming soon! (As soon as Customs disgorges them!)

Bike basket! #1

Bike basket #2. See the nice leather straps!

basket # 3 black and white.

Bike Basket #4

Bike Basket #5

Bike basket # 6.

Bike Basket #7

Bike Basket #8

A gorgeous basket, an art piece on its own or multi-purpose!

#2 “ten cow” basket. Exquisite workmanship.

#3 “ten cow”. So vibrant!

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