Still not feeling tip-top, or 100%?  Keep on searching for answers. My doctors now say i definitely have a “pancreatic issue.”  Which would explain the reoccurring SIBO. Apparently, pancreatic enzymes are what help keep bacteria out of the small intestine. But we wouldn’t know this is I didn’t persevere; if i didn’t insist on further testing that i determined i should have, based on my own research; if i let my issues be labeled as “chronic.”

The more we know, the more we don’t know. Individual doctors can’t know everything; you need to be an “assistant” to help them help you.  If you aren’t feel tip-top pay attention. What are your symptoms? When do you have them? Keep notes. Be a detective. Research your symptoms. Read.  Share with your doctor. If he or she is reluctant, be pro-active or find another doctor.  It could save your life, and definitely your health.

Next up pancreatic cat scan. (My doctors suggestion.) Possibly followed by genetic testing to see if i have a predisposition for pancreatic cancer (assuming my cat scan is clean.) Which would enable me to get my insurance company to pay for specialized yearly tests. And we still have to resolve the lack of pancreatic enzyme problem.

I’ve come a long way in the past year in terms of regaining my health. It hasn’t been easy, and i’m not 100% yet. But i feel like i’m getting to the bottom of the various autoimmune problems I have. Its taken perseverance, research, advocating for myself and plain stubbornness when doctors have tried to tell me, “its chronic.”  Be your own best friend. Be well.

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