Quince paste and Brebirousse d’Argental cheese

Some tastes are so good that you feel a moment of perfection–heaven-like if you will. It’s like that for me with quince paste and brebirousse d’Argental (a soft brie like cheese made  with sheeps milk.) I paired the two for christmas and eating them together made me instantly happy. Oh, if only we can be so happy and gratified all the time.

The quince paste was produced in a monastery in the Gard region of france. In French cuisine, quince paste or Pâte de coing is part of the Provence Christmas traditions and part of the “thirteen desserts” which are the traditional dessert foods used in celebrating Christmas. I bought it from the market in Uzes when i was there in early December, anticipating that i’d use it

with a soft ripe sheep’s cheese in our french macarons. I choose sheep’s cheese because many with gluten intolerance also have issues with dairy. Sheep’s milk, being extremely low in lactase, makes the most easily digestible cheese (next to Yak milk, so i’ve heard!) And it is so tasty. I myself eat mostly sheep’s cheese and yogurt.  The cheese we are using is  from the Lyon region, but bought in the USA. (I probably couldn’t have gotten the cheese past the airport dogs!)

Come on down to the Somerville Winter market this saturday and try our french macarons with quince and sheep’s milk. In addition to this savory, we will have three sweet filings as will. Try all four! A happy way to start your New Year!


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