Rain or shine we will be at all our our FMs this week!

Come on out and see us.  We have lots of yummy things, and a new fresh fruit tart made with made with homemake almond paste inside! They sold out super quickly at our markets on Sat!

We know it isn’t fun for anyone to be out in the rain, particularly our customers, but please show your support for all the producers who show up at the markets during this unusually rainy season. Rain is one of the hardships of outdoor farmer’s markets! If i am reading my weather charts correctly, we had record rain yesterday and last week, for these dates. Chance of rain continues throughout the 10 day forecast. So arm yourself with an umbrella and rainboots and  come on out and show your love! Violette Bakers, and all of the FM vendors, will certainly love you back. 🙂 Thanks.


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