Anyone have a hankering for a very special lasagna (gluten free, of course) for Valentines day? Its 5 layers with  a red sauce and a bechamel sauce, and of course, hand-made gluten free lasagna. Its a recipe I’ve been making for 23 years–albeit only once a year because  its  labor intensive.

We’d like to get feedback whether this one time special  is something people would like. We’d be making them in 8 x8 tins and probably freezing them so they last until Valentines Day. Otherwise, if we left them fresh/refridgerated, they’d have to be cooked over the weekend  since the pick up would be Sat 2/9 at the Somerville market.

Let us know! We don’t want to make all that deliciousness and then have to eat it all ourselves. We already have enough reason to call ourselves the Three Little Pigs! If we don’t hear a resounding Yes! Yes!, we probably won’t make it because it is labor intensive–too much so to make it without knowing if people would want it.   Thanks for your feedback on this!!



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