"I wanted you to know how much your delectible GF treats were enjoyed and appreciated! The timing was fortuitous as I attended a gathering of 13 women for a weekend [retreat]. We were so hungry on the way there, that 3 women and i dived right in and found they were fabulous!
All who had any loved them!. . . Thanks so much for your great skill and care in baking healthy treats."

"It was pure serendipity when I discovered Violette at the Charles Square Farmer’s Market this past August. Leesteffy carefully explained each dessert and bread and I felt like I was at an art exhibit, the creations from her kitchen are that beautiful. They taste phenomenal and I consider myself fortunate to know that someone out there understands the needs of the gluten-free among us."

"Your sweet cheese cherry brioche was one of the best gluten-free baked treats I've ever eaten! I absolutely loved it on the drive back. . . I hope I will be up in Cambridge again soon to get transported by your gourmet creations. They really stand out in the gluten-free world. Thank you for baking them!"

David, a fan from NYC
"...I have to say it is the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten. Not only does it taste good and fresh, but it doesn't give you the heavy feeling you get after eating a regular cake and the also not the sugar rush that you get from over-processed sugar. I am your new fan. Thanks."

So of course we stumbled upon Violette’s . . .  Before we walked away I luckily spotted macaroons—apricot and cheesecake ones, to be exact—and realized I could not live without eating one. And it was amazing and I hate myself for not getting an entire box. And maybe a second box to take home. Oh well, next trip.

I happened upon Violette Bakery at a farmer’s market. They had so many sweet and savory options, but I just had to have a gluten free danish with homemade blueberry preserves. I haven’t eaten anything like this in six years: heaven.

Gluten Free? Gimme Three!
Thank you for your delicious samples today at the Somerville indoor market.  It was my first taste of gluten free desserts.  How surprising perfect variety of sweet and flavorful goodness.  Looking forward to tasting more.

Happy holidays,

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1999. . . and I still don't consume many gluten free substitutes.. .  I just eat differently now.  That said, as a special treat I bought the last of your brioche with sea salt caramel last week and I couldn't believe how good it was! ... I think I might need to make this my weekly treat! ... I'm hooked.

Elizabeth C
A "specialty" cupcake that's GOOD! 

I've tried several others in the Boston/Somerville/Cambridge area, and what you get is a sad joke compared to what they charge.

Yours are different.

Yours are excellent.

Bought it at Harvard Sq/Charles Hotel farmer's market.

Thank you.


Chris (from Lowell)
My wife and I recently stopped by your stand at the Harvard Square farmers market and really enjoyed your delicious baked goods! We both agreed it was some of the best pastries we've tasted (gluten-free or not!).

Adam Z - MIT

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