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I just read in the New York Times that Super Bowl Ads cost over a HALF BILLION DOLLARS this year. This makes me a little crazy when i think of all the starving people in the world, and meanwhile companies are spending a HALF BILLION DOLLARS to promote things like Doritos and Mountain Dew during a single football game.

So here is my sane response to that craziness. My friend Lence Zdravkin is going to Uganda shortly and needs help raising funds for food. Lence is from Macedonia and i worked with her there when the boarders where open and thousands of Syrian refugees a day were flooding thru Macedonia on foot. Macedonia is a poor country (129th GDP in the world), and has currency that can’t be traded so it is almost impossible to do fundraising there for relief efforts outside the country. Lence Zdravkin was known as the Mother of Refugees because long before anyone else was helping Syrian refugees, she was standing outside her house giving bottles of water and fruit to the weary refugees streaming by on foot. Both the Government of Macedonia and UNHCR have recognized Lence as a Person of the Year. This is my long winded way of saying she rocks!

Uganda, an extremely poor country (171th GDP in world!), has in the last year taken in 1 Million starving refugees. UNHCR calls it the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. 1800 people a day arrive from South Sudan, 85%+ are women and children under 18. UNHCR has only received 21% of its budget for Uganda for 2017 (ie they can’t help much).

Will you please help Lence to feed the South Sudan refugees in Uganda who are escaping conflict and starvation? ALL FUNDS RAISED will be used to buy food for refugees. For every $400 raised, Lence will be able to buy (locally) the following:
100 Kg maize flour
100 Kg rice
100 kg beans
50 kg sugar
30 Litres cooking oil
10 trays of eggs

Our goal is at least 10x that much! Lence rocks and is one of the most resourceful volunteers i’ve met. Let’s help her to use that skill to help starving women and children from South Sudan. You can donated here if you want a tax receipt  Or go to My personal FB page and donate thru a FB Button.

Thank you for reading my Public Service Announcement!


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