We’ve been busy making soup today. Finished a gluten free, dairy free, almost vegan (it has honey) cream of butternut squash with fresh ginger. It has a tiny bit of a kick (spice-wise) and is a recipe i’ve been making for 30 years!

We also made a French farmhouse style cream of potato leek soup. It is not dairy free–it has real cream in it, but only as an addition, not as the base. I make it in France all the time.

All soups are fresh frozen (makes it easier for transport and then you can eat it when you want!)

The croutons we are making tomorrow will have Romano cheese in them. For those of you sensitive to lactose, Romano is one of the “safe” cheeses.

We are bringing 9″ fresh quiches, but they are going fast in pre-orders so if you really want one come to the market early or pre-order.

And last in the savory line-up we will have a mushroom onion brioche–the small size like the little ones we do with sweet cheese and conserves.

Come on down and visit us in the hallway. 🙂



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