That’s tomorrow for those of you who have lost track of the days. 🙂 Weds is normally our fresh to frozen savory making day, so we need to know what sweets for your Sweets we need to make and decorate, before we get up to our elbows in tomato sauce, and so on.

To recap our Valentine’s menu:


  • zimerstern (German almond paste cookies)  heart shaped
  • milanos (chocolate, chocolate-clementine, chocolate mint) heart shaped cutout
  • sugar cookies with Peppermint sugar coating  (heart shaped of course!)
  • french macarons (rose, salted butter caramel, infinitely chocolate with bitter chocolate and fleur de sel chocolate chips, sheep’s brie and quince paste.)

Cakes:  Flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut liquor and bittersweet glaze and decorative berries on top.

Other:  banana nut bread with chocolate chips

Pick up is between 3-6 on WEDS at 3 Church St in Harvard Sq. When you place your order we will send you a phone number to call us at in case the doors are locked.



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