As we shared with our customers throughout November, we have been eagerly looking forward to participating in the Somerville Market through the winter. Unfortunately, after being accepted to the market as a weekly vendor nearly a month ago, we are now being bumped to an every other week status.  We are an independent artisan bakery with a kitchen to pay for and staff, and couldn’t possibly sustain our business on only an every other week basis.

We believe that customers benefit from being able to buy fresh baked gluten free products. We hope that all of you will complain loudly to MaryCat and the City of Somerville.  Tell her if any vendor should be excluded based on lack of space, it should be the vendors with local brick and mortar stores where customers can buy food any day of the week–not vendors that the public has no other means of buying from.  This should be done immediately. Without such activism, we surely will not be able to continue selling our gluten free goods at this time.

Emails should be sent to Mary Cat at: Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market <>.

Calls should be made to Doug Kress 617 625 6600 (main number of city of somerville).  He said his duties were finished as of Nov 30 and so you might have to leave a message for the mayor’s office or whoever else they tell you handles the farmer’s market. We don’t have a phone number for Mary Cat.

Thank you for your help and we hope to be able to continue baking for everyone.

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  1. I just sent an email on your behalf, but Cambridge has a new winter’s market too starting in January. I wonder if you might be able to get a spot there too.


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