What’s Baking: Dec holiday season, 2015

Here is the totality i’ll be offering in the next few weeks. Not everything will be available on Weds, but hopefully by later in the week i’ll have some of most things. Breads will rotate. If you are coming specifically to get bread, always best to pre-order bread! (Week of Dec 8 will be bagels and challah, Week of 15th english muffins and sourdoughs, Week of Challah twists, rolls and either oat or Teff bread.)

Cookies: $2 (Christmas cookie decorative boxes available!)

  • Chocolate Chip cookies with pecans (DF)
  • Vegan chocolate chip w pecans (Vegan)
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip or dried cherry (DF)
  • Peanut butter w chocolate glaze and sea salt (DF)
  • Lemon almond cookies (DF) (contains almonds) (DF)
  • Zimstern (chewy almond cookie) DF
  • Pecan sandies
  • Butter cookies w fruit infused org sugars
  • Thumb print cookies
  • Ginger cookies (DF)
  • Biscotti (DF)
  • French macarons (cranberry, vanilla, chocolate (DF))


  • Chocolate or Vanilla with fresh cranberry, orange or salted caramel buttercream $3.75
  • Same with chocolate ganache (DF)$3.75
  • Frosted cakes of various flavors (ex small (2 layer), sm, med, or lg) $25/$36/$48/$60
  • Orange Almond cakes with/w0 chocolate glaze sm $13/$17 Lg $24/$27
  • French Apple cakes (closer to xmas) $17/$27
  • Pumpkin bundtlettes $5

Pie/Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Chocolate bread pudding OR Pumpkin bread pudding $4.25
  • Brownies with peanut butter swirl OR Plain with sea salt $4.25
  • Pumpkin tea bread $11 (DF)
  • Blueberry lemon tea bread $11 (DF)
  • Pumpkin Pie $25 (By order)
  • Chocolate Pecan Pie (By order)

Bread: Not all breads available each week or day (email if you want something specific)

  • Teff OR Oat Bread (DF) $7.50
  • Challah Twist $8.50
  • Challah rolls (DF) $3
  • Bagels $2.75/12 for $30
  • English muffins $4 pk of 3
  • Sourdough with black olives $8.50
  • Sourdough baggettes $5.50


  • Quiche (3 mushroom OR Fall veggie) $25
  • Pizza (Spicy red sauce, mushrms, onions, black olives) (fresh mozzarella or vegan almond mozzarella) $18 (frozen in freezer)
  • Pot pies (hoping i get to these before the end of the year, but if not, in Jan for sure!) Veggie and organic Chix & veg.) assorted sizes.

Email special orders to cupcakes@violettegf.com  Please give at least 3-4 day notice for special orders. Thanks.

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