Wow two weeks of Love! Special items like cheesecake  with cran-rasberry topping , heart shaped fig (linzers? milanos? newtons?–we call them Fig-olettes!), pink cookies, pink frosting, pink cakes (all natural, of course.) cookies with sayings for your loved ones, and of course, our head baker’s lovely calligraphy hearts. And this is your last chance to buy your loved one a beautiful light from Shine on Lights. Gorgeous hand made shades crafted with skill by a local artist. Well priced (no retail mark up as 100% of purchase price goes to the artist). Don’t miss out on this special gift from your heart for your loved ones!

Cookies: (Some may only be available at the store)

  • Chocolate chip with walnuts (DF)
  • Dried fruit and nut biscotti (DF, unless drizzled in white chocolate)
  • Valentine butter cookies
  • Peanut butter and peanut butter with chocolate chips
  • Norwegian lemon almond cookies
  • Fig milanos
  • French macarons  (assorted flavors)


Violette cakeron
Violette cakearon
  • Violette Chocolate cakearons (chocolate cake, soft chocolate french macaron, dark chocolate ganche (DF)
  • Meyer lemon with raspberry Italian buttercream or lemon-lavendar buttercream
  • Chocolate with raspberry italian buttercream or our own nutella buttercream
  • Flourless chocolate

Cakes and pies:

  • assorted frosted cakes
  • Orange almond cake (DF)
  • Orange almond cake with dark chocolate glaze (DF)
  • “Italian orange” almond cake with a amaretto glaze and you guessed it, hearts!
  • Cheesecake with cran-raspberry topping
  • French Apple (how romantic!)
  • Flourless chocolate

Other, sweet:

  • Banana chocolate bread pudding with peanut butter drizzle
  • Almond poppy bundtletts
  • Mixed berry crumble
  • Brownies with walnuts
  • Spiced apple bread (DF)
  • Blueberry lemon tea bread (DF)

Other, savory:

  • Empanadas: 1) Black bean (beans, sun dried tomatoes, scallions, spices and cheese); 2) Spinach and cheese (spinach, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, garlic, chili powder); 3) Roasted peppers, sundried tomatoes and cheese, 4)black bean (black beans, sun dried tomatoes, cilantro, chopped oinion, garlic, cheese, spices)
  • Spinach, squash, mushroom and cheese quiche
  • Butternut squash-ginger soup and Roasted  veggie soup.
  • Pot pies! veggie and chicken & veg

Bread: (not all breads available every day)

  • English muffins (vegan)
  • Cheddar herb loaf
  • Sandwich bread
  • teff bread
  • french bread (plain and with olives)
  • Brioche (loaves and sweet and savory danish style)

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