Pizza (vegan sourdough crust!)

Pizza (vegan sourdough crust!)


Pizza  10″ish  round-ish  $18  (choose from below)

  • homemade vegan cheese (contains soy) OR fresh mozzarella
  • spicy red sauce OR fresh tomato
  • includes: black olives, fresh basil, mushrooms (specify if you want something left off)



Bagel with "everything"

Bagel with “everything”

  • Bagels $2.75 (vegan) choose from poppy, sesame or “everything” (poppy, sesame, sea salt)
  • Sourdough Bread (loaf) $7 (vegan)




Cookies: $2
  • chocolate brownie cookies (DF) (super moist and chewy)
  • Chocolate chip with pecan (DF)
  • Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips or plain (DF)
  • Lemon-olive oil cookies (to give you hope that spring will come eventually!) DF
French Macarons  $2.25 (Yes, they are a cookie, but a special cookie 🙂 )
  • Chocolate (DF)
  • Nutella (specify is you want DF)
  • French Vanilla
  • Small 2 layer cakes (chocolate or vanilla) with homemade nutella  $25  (Specify if DF)
  • Vanilla with meyor lemon buttercream  $25 (in case you want to pretend it is totally Spring)
  • Cupcakes of the same ilk. $3.75

Pick up:  Thurs after 5:00,  Friday after 3:00 or  Sat before 11am. EMAIL your orders to  Specify pick up day, please. (I will confirm your order, always).




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