French macarons

French macarons

My mom and I always had a tradition where we’d start baking cookies 3-4 days before Christmas. We were monsters in the kitchen always arguing over which cookies to make each year. Where ever I lived in the world, she’d come and we’d bake cookies. We’d bake night and day, hundreds of cookies. We’d pack them in tins, decorative boxes, and bags and for 2 days before Christmas, we’d go visiting. For years, we brought people cookies. After my mom died, I lost my Christmas baking enthusiasm. But our cookies were other people’s Christmas traditions too, and as people told me how sad they were not to have our cookies, I slowly started making cookies again at Christmas, always thinking of mom. Here’s to mom — may she be the angel who helps me bake this holiday season.

Pecan Sandies

Pecan Sandies

Here is the menu so far for the month. Pick up THIS WEEK is Friday morning before 12, after 5 or Sat before 11. NOT EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE THIS WEEK OR EVERY WEEK. Things with ** are available this week. Orders due by midnight on Tues. Lots of things freeze well. I’ll try to have cookies every week, but best to grab the other things when they are available.


  • Chocolate chip pecan (w or w/o cranberries) DF **
  • Zimstern (chewy almond cookie) DF **
  • Pecan sandies **
  • Butter cookies w black and white peppermint bark**
  • Thumb print cookies **
  • Lemon almond thumbprints
  • Ginger cookies
  • Biscotti
  • French macarons (cranberry, fig, very vanilla, chocolate)
Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

Cake, Cupcakes & pies:

  • Lemon poppy seed bundtlettes **
  • Vanilla or Chocolate (DF) with Toasted Coconut (can be DF), Cranberry or Orange Italian buttercream or Chocolate Ganache (DF)**
  • Orange Almond cake
  • French Apple cake
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Chocolate pecan pie


  • Mixed berry crumb bar (vegan) **
  • Brownies (w chocolate drizzle or black and white peppermint bark **
  • Pumpkin bread pudding
  • chocolate orange cake pops **

    GF Sesame Bagels

    GF Sesame Bagels


  • English muffins (Vegan) **
  • Bagels (vegan) 
  • Brioche rolls **
  • Cranberry orange tea bread
  • Blueberry lemon tea bread

I’m hoping to add lasagna and pizza to the list next week!



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