Cookies: $2

  • Chocolate Brownie cookies (DF)
  • Chocolate chip with pecans (DF)
  • Biscotti with dried cherries and almonds (DF)
  • French Macarons (Chocolate (DF), Salted Caramel, Vanilla)


  • Chocolate with Avocado frosting (vegan), or with Peanut Butter or Toasted Coconut  buttercream $3.75
  • Vanilla with Amaretto or Salted Caramel Italian buttercream $3.75
  • Cakes of the same (ex small (2 layer), sm, med, or lg) $25/$36/$48/$60
  • Lemon Almond tort cake with hint of ginger. $14/$24 (DF)

Pie/Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Berry Hand Pies $12 (DF)
  • Mixed Berry Crumb bars $4.25
  • Blueberry Lemon tea bread $11 (DF)


  • Bagels $2.75/doz $30 (vegan) sesame, poppy, or everything (sesame-poppy-salt)
  • Challah rolls $3 each (great for sandwiches or hamburgers!)
  • Oat Sandwich bread $7.50


  • Mushroom, spinach and Gruyere Rustic Tart $25

Please email your order by Monday, July 20 th at the end of the day at . Pick up as before (Thurs evening, Friday afternoon/evening, Sat morning). Thanks!

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