Chocolate chip pecan (w or w/o cranberries) DF
Zimstern (chewy almond cookie) DF
Pecan sandies
Butter cookies w black and white peppermint bark
Thumb print cookies
Lemond almond
Ginger cookies (DF)
Biscotti DF)
French macarons (cranberry, fig (DF), vanilla, chocolate (DF))

Chocolate Coconut Divinity cake
Chocolate Coconut Divinity cake


Pumpkin pie

Chocolate pecan pie

Coconut Divinity Cake (reg or DF)

French Apple (reg or DF)


Brioche Roll
Brioche Roll


Brioche rolls
Lemon blueberry Tea bread (DF)
Cranberry Orange Tea bread (DF)


Home made pasta with a spicy vegetable red sauce and vegan béchamel. $30 for 8 x8 pan. Add $2 for homemade vegan mozzarella cheese. Specify if you want sheep cheese on top. (Lasagna orders due by the 19th!) 

Hot from YOUR oven!

Hot from YOUR oven!

PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN BY SUNDAY, DEC 21st. Pick up 23rd and 24th.

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