Cookies: $2

  • Triple chocolate brownie cookies (DF)
  • Vegan chocolate chip w pecans (Vegan)
  • Oatmeal (chocolate chip or cranberry)


  • Orange almond (sm/with or without chocolate glaze) $14-$17
  • Chocolate with fresh cranberry buttercream $3.75
  • Vanilla with salted Caramel $3.75
  • Vanilla cake with salted caramel creme bt one layer and chocolate ganache bt the other, with salted caramel buttercream. So good!
  • Cakes of the same (ex small (2 layer), sm, med, or lg) $25/$36/$48/$60

Pie/Bars/Sweet Breads:

  • Banana chocolate chip $11 (DF)
  • Brownies with pecans, cocoa nibs/ sea salt $4.25 (DF)


  • Challah Twist (DF) $8.50
  • Challah rolls (DF) $3 each
  • Oatmeal raisin bread (DF) $8.50


  • Quiche (4 mushroom OR Autumn medley) $25 (DF upon request)

Please email your order by close of business on Tues, Oct 27th. Thanks. Email to

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