What’s Baking, Tues and Weds, 29th & 30th

Today, Sat, i will be baking english muffins and putting a bunch up in the freezer, for peeps who can’t come in today.

Tues and Weds I’ll make bagels. If you want to stock up, it is best to preorder.

There will be cookies, bars and other items as well. Come in and stock up.

I’ll have chocolate pecan pie and frosted cakes for your New Year’s Eve/Day celebrations. Again, best to pre-order as i will be making small amounts, as the 30th is my last day at the bakery for almost 3 weeks. I leave on Dec 31 and return Jan 16 from my trip to Greece and Macedonia to help in the Syrian refugee camps there.  Reopening the next week, usual hours.

Hope to see you in the bakery before i leave. If not, have a peaceful transition to 2016! May 2016 bring peace and joy to us all!

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