You asked, we listened. This week we’ve made a vegan version of our blueberry crumb bar, as well as our “normal version” (with butter and eggs.) We are doing a test market to see how many gluten free vegans will come out to buy. So come on out all you GFVs! If we sell out of the vegan crumb bars we will start testing other recipes to see if they can be converted as well. GF is much harder to make vegan than wheat so we need your buying support if we are going to continue to develop vegan recipes, as some have requested!

Also this week, we have our chocolate chip cookies with and without nuts (and also a third version with both dark and white chocolate + nuts).


  • raspberry linzertorte cookies
  • chocolate chip with walnuts (DF) or with white chocolate (not DF), nut free (limited supply)
  • triple chocolate chocolate chip cookies
  • french macarons (salted caramel,  homemade nutella(DF)  fig, chocolate coconut)


  • lemon with lavender french buttercream
  • dark chocolate with toasted coconut  italian buttercream
  • dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache
  • brownie cupcakes with salted caramel inside
Cakes: (all cakes available by the slice! ) **
Frosted cakes available in all the above flavors. Other frosting choices include lemon,  orange, fresh blueberry, peach, vanilla or chocolate  buttercream by pre-order only for farmer’s market or  in store pick up.
  • lemon-ginger almond cake (DF)
  • orange blossom almond cake (DF
  • peach pie
Other, Sweet:
  • blueberry crumb bar
  • Viennese lemon poppy bundtlettes with lemon lavender glaze
  • cranberry orange tea bread (DF)
  • lemon blueberry  tea bread
  • banana bread with dark chocolate chips
Other, Savory:
  • savory sm brioche with mushrooms and onion
  • empanadas with spinach, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese,  mascarpone and fresh herbs
  • lunch size  brioche (fresh mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, black olives, fresh basil, garlic, and mascarpone).
  • Sandwich on french loaf (DF) with hummus, cucumbers, tomato, lettuce and black olives (DF)


  • brioche (med and large)
  • sweet cheese brioche with (various toppings)
  • english muffins (vegan)
  • cheddar-herb  loaf
  • sandwich bread (Pain de Mie)
  • teff bread
  • french bread (DF)


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