We will be participating in the special Christmas market in front of the Charles Hotel on Sunday, Dec 23rd from 10-3). The menu for that day is more limited than the Saturday market in Somerville, with the focus on Christmas goodies and no bread except for brioche.  We have decorative tins, boxes and bags available, including stocking stuffer sizes(!) which we will bring to both Somerville and the Charles Hotel. If you know you want something particular, please email us and ask us to put it aside. As normal, we make limited quantities of each thing

Cookies: $2 each or 4 for $7, 6 for $10 or 12 for $18  

  • Pignoli (pine nuts and marzipan) (Italy)
  • Norwegian Lemon cookies (contain almonds)
  • Zimtsterne (contains almonds & kirsch) Germany and Switerland
  • milanos with truffle cream filling (Leesteffy-land)
  • French macaron (French tea infused dark chocolate), raspberry-fig,white chocolate vanilla bean and cherry,  savory goat cheese with cranberry apple fig conserves, snowmen with milk chocolate
  • almond apricot ginger biscotti (Italy)
  • gingerbread (Yankee)
  • chocolate coconut macaroons (doesn’t everyone love these?)
 Cupcakes: $3 each
  • Chia tea with candied ginger cream cheese frosting
  • Dark chocolate with french tea infused chocolate Italian buttercream
  • Brownie cupcakes with salted caramel
  • cherry- dark chocolate- pecan bread pudding $4 slice, $25 8 x8 pan
  • pumpkin bread pudding (slices only $4)
  • Apple crisp and berry crisp  8 x 8 pans $25
  • Lemon blueberry bread (by the slice $2.5 or to order whole $18)
  • Orange-cranberry bread (by the slice $2.5 or to order whole $18)
  • Banana nut bread (by the slice $2.50 or to order whole $18)

  • Chia tea with  candied ginger cream cheese frosting $24
  • Dark chocolate with with chocolate truffle center and chocolate infused Italian buttercream $24
  • Flour-less chocolate with Amaretto (whole $24  and by slice $4)
  • flour-less chocolate cake (no sugar added)
  • French apple cake ( by slice $4, 5″ $14, 7″ $23, 9″ $30)
  • Pumpkin pound cake (by slice $2.50, extra small $5, medium $18, lg $25
  • Lemon-poppyseed cake (by the slice $2.5, extra small $5, medium $18)
  • Amaretto-Almond pound cake (by slice $2.50, extra small $5, medium $18, lg $25 by order only)


  • plain brioche ($3.50-$5.50)
  • chocolate brioche ($3.50)
  • honeycomb brioche with pine nuts and almonds $3.5)
  • sweet cheese brioche with raspberry, cherry, or Confiture de lait de brebis (made with sheeps milk in assorted flavors) ($3.5)
  • English muffins ($4 pack)
  • cheddar loaf  ($4)
  • French bread (plain and with olives) ($4-$7)

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